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OsteoKing - fusion of Chinese tradition and science for your ultimate physical well-being

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We could tell you about the hectic everyday life in this modern, technisized world – of the rapidly changing working life, of the pressure people have to suffer from nowadays, of the negative effects this brings for overall comfort and health. We could tell you about burn out, about disturbed sleep patterns, about burdened spines.


Instead, we want to tell you a story.

It’s set in the far-off chinese province of Yunnan. There, mythical and very rare herbs have been growing for thousands of years, shrouded in legend. The inhabitants of this small stretch of land at the border to Myanmar have known about the positive effects of ‚their‘ herbs ever since. But because these plants are so extraordinarily rare, it has been impossible to use them outside of Yunnan – technical and medicinal knowledge was lacking.



tradition & science

Now, after fifteen years of the most intense research and development we, the Crystal Natural Pharmaceutical Corporation (CNPC) have succeeded in sharing the antique knowledge of Yunnan with the world, thanks to the latest advances in medicine and technology. The resulting product is called OsteoKing .

OsteoKing is the result of longstanding efforts on the legacy of China’s wisest of men to whom we feel committed. The millennia-old, rich medicinal knowledge of China is becoming increasingly popular with the western world – the time was due for OsteoKing .



It is a completely natural dietary supplement which can increase your overall physical comfort and offer your body a welcome rest from the ever-hectic everyday life of the 21st century. We at CNPC view it as a privilege to be able to share the wisdom of traditional chinese medicine with the world in this day and age and are already well-regarded for our efforts in the United States, Turkey, Russia and most of central Asia. Through the fusion of tradition and modern technology, great progress can be achieved. OsteoKing is the result of great efforts to preserve the old and share it with the world. Because you, the customer, deserve to benefit from great wisdom. After many years of research and development, OsteoKing finally became marketable in 2013.

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Why OsteoKing?

studies have demsonstrated

It has been scientifically proven in a number of studies that this dietary supplement can drastically improve its users‘ physical comfort and positively affect healing processes. Moreover, OsteoKing contains 100% natural ingredients and is free of any side effects. It can even aid patients who suffer from a spinal disc herniation in vitalizing the affected regions, resulting in declining pain.

So if you want to treat yourself and wish to strengthen and retain your bones, bless yourself with OsteoKing .

Supplement specification
and ingredients



watery extracts of astragalus (huang qi), ginseng (Panax Ginseng und Notoginseng), safflower, eucommia ulmoides, tangerine peel, purified water

plant-based dietary supplement
produced with GPM-standard
tonic for physical well-being

safety information

> recommended daily dose must not be exceeded
> keep product out of reach of children
> dietary supplementcan be seen only as part of a balanced diet and not as a substitute - a healthy lifestyle is important
> do not use damaged bottles
> in case of pregnancy or breastfeeding please consult your doctor first

recommended intake

every other day one hour after dinner
children 6 - 12 years: 1/2 bottle (12.5ml)
teenager and adults: 1 bottle (25ml)

value table

effective quantities per daily dose
per 25ml * per 12.5ml ** per 6.25ml ***
astragalus (huang qi) 150mg 75mg 37mg
ginseng Panax Ginseng 76mg 38mg 19mg
Panax Notoginseng 114mg 57mg 28mg
safflower 57mg 28mg 14mg
eucommia ulmoides 114mg 57mg 28mg
tangerine peel 38mg 19mg 9mg

* one bottle
** daily dose of intake of one bottle every other day
*** Tdaily dose of intake of half a bottle every other day

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